The Art of Setting The Table

What might have once been seen as chore, has become a form of art for many – including us, at The Table. Like getting dressed, applying makeup, or furnishing your home, table setting – or commonly referred to today as “tablescaping” – has become a tried and true form of self expression. Not only does your tablescape set the mood and tone of  your dinner, event, or gathering – in many cases, it is an extension of your personal style. After all, there is no rulebook for table setting. In fact, the “fewer rules the better” approach often yields the best results. For those who may not have that natural Martha Stewart knack, there are some basic techniques you can follow, should you find yourself stuck in that “how to set the table” conundrum. For maximum aesthetic appeal, try a few basic tricks . . .

Layer, Layer, Layer!

Layers create depth and drama that give your table that “wow factor”.
Credit: Eye-Swoon

Try Mixing and Matching Colors, Tones, and Patterns

(Fifty Shades of, well, any color – yes!) Some might be wary of mixing colors, or even tones and patterns. But the proof is in the table archives folks. It looks oh so good! 

Credit: West Elm

Use Multiple Textures

We say pair anything and everything that works with your theme or look. Why not use ceramic and glass plates together, acrylic outdoor tumblers with glass wine goblets, and linen napkins with a paper tablerunner. The list goes on.

Credit: Crate&Barrel

Florals As Often As Possible

Elevating your table setting with florals might be the oldest trick in the book – and with good reason. Whether you accent with bodega flowers, something snipped from your herb garden, a couple of house plants, or well thought out selection from a local farmers/flower market – a bit of nature goes a long way!

Credit: House Beautiful

Candles & Personal Pieces To Tie It All Together

The final few touches tend to make everything come together. First, lighting in general is key, especially for night. Think of it this way – there is a reason your favorite restaurant has that undeniably cool atmosphere. Then add as many personal touches as possible. Each element of personality makes your table that much more special. Not sure how to do that? Gather an array of matching or mismatching drinking glasses, canisters, and/or pottery you already own to use for floral vessels.  And of course, the most personal of all – personalization. Make your guests feel welcome with bespoke place cards or menus. Its easier than you think! You can of course create them digitally and print, but we tend to think a quick hand-written version is very chic.05-the-table-nyc-table-setting-personal-touches.jpg
Credit: StyleMePretty

On top of letting your table dance to the tune of your own personal style trumpet, be sure to also consider location, season, menu, and guests when determining your tablescape.

Most importantly, enjoy the process and have fun with it!
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